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I used to think I needed a hefty sum of money to travel. Oh, I was wrong!

I was brought up with a mindset that only rich people could travel. When they had more than enough left from spending on their basic needs, they could spend their extra money to travel for leisure. Only them were privileged to see the beauty of the world. And the poor? We only had enough money for food on our table. That’s what I knew, and that was a fact in third-world countries, like the Philippines.


The Best Traveling Idea Yet


Then came the brilliant idea of budget traveling or what others call backpacking. It’s becoming a world trend for people who love to explore. Through backpacking, one doesn’t need to be rich but be wise. There are tricks to snag cheap flights locally and internationally. Budget airline companies offer affordable (as little as 1 Peso base fare via Cebu Pacific) tickets to Filipino travelers. Additionally, accomodations have never been so cost-effective through hostels and BnB (Bread and Breakfast).

Another concern that comes with traveling is visa. As a member of a third-world country, its a challenge using Philippine passport to travel. However, it hasn’t impede Filipinos to explore other continents. On the contraryit‘s encouraged more middle-class families to travel economically. With that, more people are inspired to do the same.


I started this blog with the aim to travel and see as many beautiful places as I can. 

One dayI was swayed to leave workpack some cotton clothes in my Puma backpack, and go on a spontaneous adventure. And I hope this adventure will continue for a long time. 🙂


The first place I traveled solo was the Northern Luzon from Baguio, Sagada, and Batad. It was so memorable for me. I had so many memories of it. 🙂

Well, if you’re up for some adventure stories, grab yourself some beer, pull up a chair and ready your ears! :D

(I hope we can really do that to make you realize this world is huge and life is short, so you shouldn’t live a mediocre life.)*** 


Heres to finally starting something I should’ve I started years ago!


Inday “the new backpacker” from Cebu


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