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Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith

©Margaret Shepard


Truth is, it’s all about courage! Your being fearless will take you far places and will give you experiences of all sorts.

I started traveling locally to score an experience before scaling and do out of the country trips. I expected it to be scary, but the experience was beyond words. My first local solo travel was uncomfortable and I was overwhelmed.

I didn’t have peace of mind sleeping in hostels. Perhaps, because there was no familiarity at all. My first experience was devoid of calmness but full of uncertainties. I had bouts of heart-pounding moments, spontaneous change of plans, and countless times of getting lost.

But amidst the chaos, I’d known adventures and what it meant to really live and be present. I reckon we should live for similar things.

After I stepped out and discovered what lies beyond my personal space, everything changed.

It took me a bucketful of courage to take that bold move, and I learned valuable lessons on the road.

Consequently, I made this blog (journal) to document my journey to “personal freedom.” LOL!

I stand by the belief that if you decide strongly to do one thing, you will acquire it.

I want you to know there are beautiful places outside of our comfort zones. I can tell because I know from experience.
So, what do I suggest? TAKE THAT LEAP! There are wonderful gifts waiting to fall on your lap.



Inday “Enjoying traveling Solo” from Cebu



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