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My name is Melanie. 😊

Before I start telling you about  this blog, let me first tell you a trivia about its name The Adventures of Inday. Inday is a famous word used in the Visayas and Mindanao (Southern part of the country). Now, it is widely known in the whole country, and depending on which part you are, it conveys different meanings.


People from my neighborhood would call me Inday, even up to now, regardless if one is young or grey. We basically call anyone Inday. It is a sweet endearment for any lady in my hometown, and in the Visayas and Mindanao. The word literally means someone who is dear, precious and loved. An Inday can be anyone who is a politician, a businesswoman, an artist, or even someone with a high profile. The word doesn’t discriminate.


Its other meaning


The same word Inday means a housemaid in the Luzon (Northern part of the country). Many girls from the Visayas and Mindanao who come from poor families go to work in the capital. And whenever asked about their names, they’d promptly answer Inday because that’s what they’re called back home. Thus, people have assumed that Inday is synonymous to a housemaid. There isn’t minding about it anyway.


The Adventures of Inday is about the solo escapes and travels of a certain girl from a place with a humble beginning. One fine day, she decided to set out on a journey and see what happens. She wants to fill her treasure chest with unforgettable moments, new people, and interesting stories.

The inception of the name of this blog, in retrospect, is a funny one. I had listed over ten options for domain name, but ended up using a simplistic one—The Adventures of Inday. I was sleep deprived when I was buying the domain. Who could I blame? I was working two shifts that time—17 hours at the shop almost every day.

My eyes might have tricked me when I was choosing the name. After realizing that I purchased a domain that’s in the bottom of my list, I contacted the hosting company, and asked to change to another name. It wasn’t possible, so I ended up using this blog name instead of a better one I had in mind. But who cares? I’ve come to love it. 🙂


The Blog & the Author


I wasn’t a fan of traveling when I was young. On summer vacations, I could either be seen at home or out doing some side jobs to earn money. At 22, I had my first out of the country experience in Taiwan where I took the job of a factory worker.


Staying in Taiwan for a couple of years made me realize how amazing it was to meet different people, share their laughs, speak their language, and try their local dish.


I discover my love for traveling then, however, I wasn’t able to pursue it right away because of priorities. It didn’t make it a priority that time. How I wished I had more courage to, at least gave it a try.


Years later, I found myself working in another foreign country. I was surprised to see so many Filipino workers in the small Kingdom of Bahrain. Though life there wasn’t easy, I’m proud to have survived. Roughly three months before my contract ended, I decided to take the first step in pursuit of traveling. And that was creating this travel blog.


My plan is to to backpack in Asia and write my stories in this blog. Different travel bloggers have inspired me to do this. It made me realize that whatever you put your heart and mind into, you can make it all come true.


My purpose of starting this blog (way before I started to travel) is to motivate myself. Who would help us but ourselves, right? I realize indecisiveness is a waste of time. This will be a proof of how far I’ve gone from the start. Consequently, it will encourage me to keep going no matter the circumstance. And more than anything else, to just hang in there and keep being awesome!


If you’re a new visitor, please start here and my latest travels.


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