Bit of backstory


I was that ordinary girl who watched from the sidelines and cheered for other people as they reached their dreams. Then, I’d proudly share their stories like I was a big part of it. I was, but in a small way, became a part of their success story. Those people were the ones I worked for the past years of my life.


At 15, I started working for a manufacturing company. I promised myself I’d get into as many different jobs as I could to learn many things. And I did! I got a job as a factory worker, a service crew, a sales consultant in an insurance company, a call center agent, and an overseas worker.  😂😂😂

It was fun, but a problem soon emerged—instability.


Did I regret the instability?

No. Looking back at it, I’m grateful I learn many lessons from my experiences. You see, while some of my friends stayed with the same company for 10 years or more, I was hopping from one job to another. While my friends focused on stability, I was gradually growing through my experiences. I guess it all just depends on the things we want to matter to us.


In a way, expanding my horizons changed my perspective.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I stayed in one place. Furthermore, I didn’t feel like grounding myself, so I always moved. And will keep moving.


Working abroad had the most impact on me. Getting a firsthand experience on an overseas worker’s perspective is something that made me so proud of myself, and of all the Pinoys in abroad who are constantly grinding.


It was when I was working abroad that I realized I want to travel. I find it exciting and interesting to be one of the locals. And so, months before I decided to quit my last job in the Middle East, I started this blog The Adventures Of Inday to share stories that I’ve got while on the road.


On facing my fears

My first solo trip within the country had me questioned if I really did the right thing. I kind of regretted that I did it spontaneously. I had my fears. But what kept me going was the thought of standing firm on my decision of going at it. “I started it, so at least I should put in the effort to go all the way,” was what I told myself.

I’m glad I was able to take the first step in traveling. You see, everything in life is uncertain, so instead of making it a reason to restrict you, make it a reason to go after your dreams. To what you really want from the bottom of your heart because tomorrow is and will always be uncertain.

P.S. BTW, I’m writing this blog on the rooftop of the building where I stay. I am in awe of the sunset before me. In my opinion, this place has the best sunset view in Lapu-lapu.



Well, this is just the beginning. There’s always the plan to fill the pages with stories.  I hope someone will find these rantings of mine sensible in some way.


This travel blog will:
  • serve as a platform for travel stories that I want to share
  • hopefully, spur inspiration, and show you that if you believe enough in your dreams, opportunities will come and find you


I hope:
  • to stir courage through my firsthand experiences and solo adventures, and to never let fear stop you. There are many people out there waiting to meet you if you just take a step.
  • you will realize you’ve been on your comfort zone for a long while experiencing the same things over and over again, so why not try something new by moving out of it?
  • And lastly, doing a thing you’ve never done before is frightening but all people feel that way too, so do it anyway!


Hi! My name is Melanie from Cebu, Philippines. I made this blog a few months before I finally decided to hit the road. My first solo travel was in Baguio. Please also check my Sagada and Batad, Banaue trips which were part of my North Luzon escapade.



Here’s to conquering our fears!  🍷🍷




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