The Magic of Khao San


Just like me and all the others, I’m sure it will only take you one night to fall in love with Khao San Road in Bangkok Thailand.


I realize sooner that I can’t wait to be back there. Khao San is a famous hub among backpackers from all around the world.


It was proven true when I came. The horde of different races from different walks of life in all corners gathers in the lively streets when nighttime comes. It’s what made me fell in love with the place, and I bet it’s the same with the others.


I stayed in a hostel two minutes away from Khao San road. I got to witness the glorious fun at night. I thought, next time I’d be back, I’ll stay in the same place or at least close to it.


My Arrival in Thailand

The morning I arrived in Bangkok on the 6th of May 2019, I noticed decorative flowers were all over the place. Later, I found out it was the coronation of their king so people were on a festive and happy mode.


Before this, I didn’t have any idea what the experience would be as my initial purpose was to attend the meditation in Kanchanaburi. I didn’t do much in the morning even though I arrived early at the hostel. I waited until 2:00 PM to check-in. Not long after, I learned the activities were limited because of the celebration (coronation). But when nighttime came, I realized the location of my hostel was too perfect to get the most experience out of this trip.


My first night was the last night of their King’s celebration, so the road wasn’t that loud. However, on my second night, the not-so-empty street in the morning transformed into a lively and loud place with live bands everywhere. As a first-time traveler in Thailand, it got me so pumped up to join the night together with the rest of the backpackers staying in Khao San.


What To Do in Khao San at Night?

There are many things to do in Khao San and spend a night you can’t forget. Below are pretty much the things travelers do at night in this beautiful place.


1. Eating Street Foods



I think Thailand has one of the most delicious street foods and you ought to try them.

You are never truly been to Thailand unless you try the street foods. Furthermore, there is never a better place for this experience than in Khao San road where street vendors are everywhere. There’s a strip of vendors who display various street foods right outside my hostel which was convenient and fun.

In as little as 20 Baht for a grilled BBQ stick to 50 Baht Pad Thai or soup, you’ll get a taste of local foods.


2. Trying Exotic Foods



At night, you’ll find people selling exotic foods like spiders, large cockroaches, worms, scorpions, crocodile meat, and crickets. I didn’t try any but I saw some people tried one of them and they loved it. I think they’re deeply fried so it doesn’t taste weird. They put some spices on it before it’s eaten.

If you’re one of those who want to immerse in Thai culture, I guess this is worth trying.


3. Partying and Drinking



Never expect each night in Khao San to go silent. People party and drink until they drop, literally. It’s no wonder the place reeked of alcohol when I decided to go out on my second night. I bumped into many drunks the many times. Despite the truth, the place was kept peaceful that everyone was equally enjoying the night.

You can party hard as some people do, or you can chill with the live bands while having your favorite drink.


4. Meeting Other People


Newly-found friends in Khao San


Asians, White, Africans, name it! You’ll find all of them walking in the streets. It’s like a rainbow of colors, and as a traveler, it’s a good opportunity to connect and make friends with someone from the other side of the world.

One thing though.

Be courageous enough to speak first.

I was always the shy type with a few friends, but this travel helped me open up and tell people my story. In turn, I learned their story.

The interesting thing I learned was, every person has a unique story they carry on their shoulders. Just having this opportunity to listen from many people’s stories was what made my stay there worthwhile.

Meeting people I won’t normally meet under normal circumstances was one thing I got from this trip.


5. Shopping Souvenirs



The street is swarming not only with street foods but also with souvenir shops. From bags, t-shirts, and accessories, you’ll find them in Khao San from 100 Baht. Some items are cheap, others are costly. If you know how to haggle, you can bring any souvenirs with you.

It’s surprising to know that other items can markdown by 50% if you ask for a lower price of if you negotiate.


6. Thai Massage

This is mostly the closing part of the trip. Most backpackers, before heading to their next destination, stop by for a therapeutic and relaxing massage in Khao San. The starting price is 250 Baht. This completes the experience. Many spas offer therapeutic massage, but the best place to have this is Khao San.


The Khao San Road in Bangkok Thailand offers travelers a complete package of a fantastic Thai experience varying from street foods, night party, relaxation and meeting people.


Thais are very kind and polite. Though not many can speak English, which is a challenge for travelers, locals do their best to help anyone equally. I’m saying this because I experienced it firsthand.


Overall, I had the pleasure of my stay in Bangkok. I can’t wait to be back and visit other places in the North or South. If you’ve been to Khao San, what other interesting things have you done? I’d like to know about your experience. 🙂


Till next time and keep exploring! 🙂


©Melanie Bacelisco – The Adventures Of Inday


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