2Go Travel Review from Manila to Bacolod: My first time traveling by sea


Most Filipinos prefer to travel by sea or at least those who don’t have enough cash to get a plane ticket do. Traveling by plane is expensive unless the ticket is on sale. I like it though because it’s the fastest mode of transportation. People who can’t afford a plane ticket opt to travel by sea. It’s cheaper and they can have a baggage allowance of up to 60kg so long as they can carry it which is ideal for our people with heavy baggage to transport. Depending on your destination, the travel time can take up to 24 hours or more.


As part of my travel escapade, for the first time, I want to try traveling by sea. After my trips to Baguio, Sagada, and Banaue, I went back to Manila. I tried checking CebuPac’s website for an affordable ticket from Manila to Bacolod but I didn’t find any until the idea of boarding a ship crossed my mind.


How much does a Business class ticket cost?


Ticket cost varies depending on your destination and the time you book. I booked mine on 2Go’s website for a Business Class which cost me almost 2,564Php inclusive of tax and insurance.


What class options do they have?


The cheapest is the Mega class. They also have a Super Value class, Tourist Class, Business Class for 4 and 8, Stateroom for 2, and Suite room for 2 is the most expensive.

Since it’s my first time, I chose the Business Class. I boarded MV St. Therese of the Child Jesus that had a route from Manila to Bacolod on to Iloilo and to Cagayan.



Onboard St. Therese vessel


Check-In process and boarding were very straightforward. I paid 250Php for a porter to bring my luggage to my cabin. A crew escorted me to my designated cabin where I waited until the departure.


TIP: If you can carry your luggage, do so to save money from paying a porter. If you have a piece of heavy baggage, hire a porter for convenience.


What to expect inside the 2Go vessel?


They had a comfortable cabin. It was minimal yet it didn’t feel like it’s cramped. The room had a TV for entertainment. There were four bunkers because I chose the Business Class for 8. They also have a Business Class for 4. They provided a clean blanket and linen.




It was spacious inside the ship. There were lots of amenities. There was a restaurant, a saloon where you could get your hair done while on the ship, and a convenience store where you could buy snacks.


Horizon Café serves the meals for Business class, Stateroom, and Suite room.


Food is included in the fare. Since the travel time was 24 hours, I got 3 complimentary meals from breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



Breakfast – the last meal before closing the port in Bacolod

There’s a different area where meals for other class are served.


Was it worth getting a Business class ticket?


Business class ticket costs more than any value class ticket. The good thing about getting a Business Class option, apart from a comfortable cabin, is when it’s meal time, the queue is not long. There’s almost no waiting time for your food to be served.


In other class, the queue was long. People there had to wait for several minutes just to get their meals.


Horizon Café offered a variety of food from chicken, pork, beef, and vegetables. It’s served in a buffet, and you can opt for a combination of meat and vegetables.



Cafe area

They prepared different activities for passengers that night. There was a singing competition in a karaoke bar on the ship. They also had a live band which I didn’t get to watch. I didn’t feel well then. It’s the first time I traveled at sea for 24 hours. I only traveled for two hours via a ship before. So when night came, though I wanted to join the fun, I chose to stay in bed. I had to force myself to get up and buy medicine. Thank God they sell medicines in the ship.



A Christmas tree in the hallway


The whole trip went smooth. I didn’t even feel that I was traveling. I get to know other passengers in the same cabin.


We had an early breakfast when morning came as the ship was closing the port in Bacolod. I had to pay 300Php again to a porter to bring out my luggage.


How was my experience?


Overall, the experience was unforgettable. My first-time traveling by sea was very comfortable. Thanks to the efforts of 2Go Travel. Next time I’m in Manila, I will consider traveling with them again, provided I can spare enough travel time.


You can do a lot of entertaining things while on board. For me, I felt I just stayed at home for a whole day doing things like reading an eBook and watching TV.


PROS: Comfortable, convenient and lively


CONS: My trip was rescheduled 3 times. The travel time was longer.


Join the fun at night. It’s worth it. Nevertheless, I had a great time with them.


Till the next adventure!


Inday ❤️❤️❤️


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